About Dastaangoi

Dastaangoi was founded in 2020 to showcase a more contemporary narrative around Pakistani art, design and culture.

We believe in thoughtful design, and enabling conversations (which is where it all starts). But most of all, we believe that meaningful conversations can only take place with an open heart and an open mind, and that is what we try to create with our products, stories and spaces.

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Dastaangoi Gallery

Dastaangoi Gallery is contemporary art gallery, based out of Pakistan shipping around the world.

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Dastaangoi Gallery

Dastaangoi Gallery

Dastaangoi Gallery

A contemporary art gallery based in Pakistan, delivering around the world. 

Dastaangoi Artist Residency Program

An annual artist residency program set on a 14 acre vineyard in the heart of Islamabad, Pakistan.

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Dastaangoi Artist Residency