The Artist-in-Residence Program



Dastaangoi is excited to be launching its second residency program that will operate from 10th of October 2023 in Islamabad, Pakistan for two weeks with applications starting from May. Strategically located in the heart of Islamabad, between Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Dastaangoi Artist Residency sits on a 14 acre vineyard, farm and garden. Dastaangoi will offer artists a 2 week residency with onsite accommodation and studio space. Studio spaces range in size depending on residents’ needs. Residents are invited to live in the guest house on the farm, but encouraged to spend majority of their time exploring and taking in the natural surroundings. A program of talks, workshops and other events will be run by Dastaangoi in collaboration with the residents to promote interaction and exchange of ideas both among the residents and with the wider community. Dastaangoi Artist Residency will be open to visual, sculpture and new media artists.



Application to the Dastaangoi Artist Residency program is via our website, email and Zoom interview. We request your portfolio and CV information be emailed to, as well invite applicants to detail what they hope to achieve while at the Dastaangoi Artist Residency if successful.  Promising applicants are interviewed by the Dastaangoi team following which a shortlist is compiled. The shortlist is circulated to Dastaangoi’s Artist Residency Advisory Board for feedback before the residency places are offered to successful artists in writing. Our Advisory Board include: 


Pablo Del Val - Artistic Director, Art Dubai

Lina Lazaar - Founder, Kamal Lazaar Foundation

Caroline Louca - Ex Managing Director, Christies Middle East

Sunny Rahbar - Founder, The Third Line

El Seed - Artist

Rami Farook - Artist, Collector, Facilitator



Artists are all requested to donate a work to the Dastaangoi Artist Residency at the end of their residency.  In the case of visual artists this is most tangible, but in every artist’s case it is a unique conversation. Donated artworks will be hung throughout the property, giving the spaces a visual memory of past residents’ work and their experience of the place.  The resulting art collection also forms a valuable asset that can be sold over time to make space for new artworks and to help raise funds for the continuation of the residency program.

Deadline to apply, August 15th 2023

Application Form