Welcome Home

Dastaangoi is our home and orchard, here we welcome artists and creatives from all over the world to write their own story immersed in the lush orchard and vineyard in the heart of Islamabad. It’s a philosophy that looks to create cultural understanding between the east and the west. It’s a quest for oneness between plants and people, artists and creatives.
Dastaangoi is a reminder that cultural understanding is at the core of progress, it’s a moment to slow down and appreciate love and human connection.
With the help of our community we showcase artists from around the world in Pakistan and Dubai. We create candles that tell stories from far away places that remind us of home and connection.
Things here take time and patience, and they’re meant to. There’s dreaming involved, and growing, and trial and error. There are skilled hands of expert purveyors at the helm of every candle, every drop of oil, and there’s wisdom imbued in each product’s story. If something feels expensive here, it’s because these things are rare.
If you’re here, you believe in the power of connection, in collaboration to make something beautiful.

Always stay connected.

Amad Mian

You can always contact me directly at amad@dastaangoi.com