Baad - e - Saba

Baad - e - Saba

We cannot express the gratitude we are feeling in our hearts right now - towards the artists (@maryambaniasadi93, @zar_asim, @dinal_jalil, @mustafamohsin_art and @mubashar_ekbal) that trusted us to create something worthy of them and came all this way, shared their work, love and laughter with us the last two weeks. To our advisors (@pablidelval, @hooralq, @elseed, @zarashahjahan, @khoosat, @ramifarook and @sunra77) for their continued guidance and support, to our mentors (@sabaqizilbash, @elseed, @nimanothome and @jasonseife) for their advice and encouragement and to our guests, some of which came from other cities, others that made time on their Saturday afternoons to see what we all have been working on so tirelessly.

Our hearts are truly full. Thank you.

We are excited to announce the next chapter of dastaangoi will be @dastaangoigallery (more on that soon)

We are also going to be sharing the catalogue of some of the pieces from BAAD-E-SABA that will be up for sale in the coming days. So please get in touch if you’re interested.

Bohat sara pyar,
Dastaangoi team
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